4 x Head/Neck Wrap Deal: Blue, Pink, Green and Orange


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4 beautiful head / neck wraps with delicate snowflake design, one of each of our 4 available colours: Orange Blue Green AND Pink

These items are indispensable for any sport! The fabric used specially designed to keep you comfortable while exercising in hot and cold weather. The thermal and humidity transfer properties help to keep you dry and cool when you are hot and sweaty or can be used to provide a cosy neck warmer when cold.

The Wipeout Wrap is an essential piece of kit for any skier or snowboarder, and many other sports the difficult choice will be to pick the colour!

This deal takes the sweat out of the choice, get one of each colour for just £9.99! Orange Blue Green AND Pink

(yes you’ve read this correctly, it’s basically buy 2, get 2 free – believe it when you receive it)


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