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Get both POCK IT INSTRUCTOR BOOKS 1 & 2, for just £14


A small book with a big Agenda!

PockIt Instructor Books provide a brand new angle on ski books. They aim to make ski technique easy to understand and above all fun. The perfect companion for instant reference.

The toolbox for skiers.

To play a good game you need more than one tool. These books aim to give you some fundamental tools, techniques and tactics to focus on when you are on the slopes. You may read them from cover to cover, only a small section, one page or one tip. Full colour, great visuals and some great tips!

Instant reference. These are small, sturdy books that you can slip into your pocket and bring out whenever you have a moment to refer to. Pick them up at the airport, on the train, on the sofa, in the gym, on the chairlift… wherever it suits… but be careful not to stop in the middle of the piste with it!!

  • Curves – no straight lines – control your speed and line with curves
  • Linking Curves – how and when best to change direction
  • Steering – use your steering wheel – adapt your speed control
  • Terrain Tactics – where, when and which technique?


Continues along similar lines to PockIt Instructor (Book 1), taking that tool box and developing it further. It identifies which tool is best to use for specific conditions/pistes.Tips/techniques for skiing faster, encouraging your development and enjoyment of all mountain skiing.

Divided in to four chapters. Each chapter addresses and supplies solutions for the main challenges skiers encounter when skiing the whole mountain.

  • Skiing Faster
  • Skiing Bumps
  • Skiing Steeps
  • Skiing Off Piste

Each section gives a series of Tips for each area and then a Quick Tips completes each section – simple, visual and great aids for the slopes! Ideal for intermediate skiers upwards who want some quick fix tips to help them in All Mountain Skiing!

Press Reviews – Book 1

“What I found particularly useful is that it also acts as a reminder of the various bits of advice your instructor may have given you which are so easily forgotten amongst the mental chaos of trying to get your technique right. And it also ties in closely with what youll learn in ski school, so youre not taking on completely new ideas. The book is easy to read with short, pithy instructions and illustrates with good colour photos. The pages can be turned whilst wearing ski gloves (just about) and it makes a much cheaper option than a ski instructor – youll never get one of them in your pocket!!”
“Author Sally Chapman, who trains ski instructors, has produced a simple-to-use manual for all abilities. Read one of her suggested drills for a certain type of slope on the chairlift and put it onto practice on the ski down. A brilliant and simple idea – and it has a waterproof cover”
Book of the Week – Guardian 29 November

Press Reviews – Book 2

“The new book contains sections on making curves and also tactics for ice, bumps, steeps and variable terrain. It is crammed with photographs and simple diagrams, guidance on where and when to practice and a top tip for every situation. Team all this up with water-proof covers, thick, tough pages and an easily managed spiral binding and the result is an ideal skiers companion and a perfect Christmas present. So if I see someone fishing deep into a ski jacket pocket, to engrossed in a restaurant, on a lift or at the side of the piste, or even doing a bit of swotting on an east coast mainline train or city bus, there is every possibility that the PockIt Instructor is the culprit!”
Alf Anderson – Guardian Weekend Supplement 28 September

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