Saas Valley Wipeout


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Covering all 4 resorts in the Saas Valley Ski Area: Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund, Saas-Almagell and Saas-Balen . The map is the the official and most current resort piste map obtained directly from the ski area. With 38 lifts and 147 km to ski, the resorts offer something for everyone.  The winter sports elevations are between 1,483m and 3,573m


  • Includes full size panorama piste map for the whole Saas Valley Ski Area: split over two sides of the cloth.
  • Printed on both sides of a microfibre cloth the maps are clear and easy to read, even when wet
  • It won’t tear or get dog-eared and doesn’t need to be carefully refolded
  • Unlikely to blow away in the wind and can be handled easily whilst wearing ski gloves
  • A really effective glasses cleaner for spectacles, sunglasses and ski goggles
  • Size 30 x 40cm, large enough to wrap your goggles, small enough to scrunch up in your pocket
  • The Wipeout comes wrapped in its own little pouch

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Hohsaas – Saas-Grundthere are no new lifts planned for 2016/2017

The gondola takes you from Saas-Grund in the beautiful mountains of Kreuzboden 2400 m and Hohsaas 3100 m with simple, broad slopes for beginners and challenging glacier slopes for the advanced skier.

  • Number of ski lifts : 6
  • Total capacity : 6,120 passengers per hour
  • Total lift length : 6.7 km

No new lifts planned winter 2019/20

The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,800 and 3,573 m. The Alpin Express, a three-cable circulating ropeway, runs from Saas-Fee up to the ski resort in two sections. The world’s highest underground funicular, the Metro Alpin, then takes you up to over 3,500 metres.

  • Number of ski lifts : 23
  • Total capacity : 25,984  passengers per hour
  • Total lift length : 28.5 km

No New lifts planned winter 2019/20

2 New lifts winter 2018/19: Allalin 5 and Allalin 4

2 New lifts winter 2017/18: Kalbermatten-Bifig (section 1) and Bifig-Spielboden (section 2)

Heidbodme – Saas-Almagell
There are 12 km of slopes and the winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,672 and 2,400 m.
  • Number of ski lifts : 7
  • Total capacity : 5,000 passengers per hour
  • Total lift length : 3.4 km

No New lifts planned winter 2019/20

Especially suited for children and families. 1 T-bar operating which opened 1967!
  • Number of ski lifts : 1
  • Total capacity : 700 passengers per hour
  • Total lift length : 0.3 km
Lift information was provided by the website Ski Resort Info

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