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Wipeout Piste MapsThe revolutionary piste map – Printed on high quality lens cloth!

Since 2009 Wipeout has become Europe’s leading supplier of Piste Maps on Lens Cloth. Our collection of 34 individual Piste Maps includes over 100 ski towns and resorts, so wherever you stay, you just need one handy map to keep you on the piste.

Find your map by searching for your ski holiday destination above, or view all here.

Why buy a Wipeout when paper maps are free?

  • Does not get soggy in the snow, tear, or need refolding (like paper maps do)
  • Does not get discarded at the end of the day, keep one map all week and always have a handy lens wipe
  • Does not scratch even the most expensive goggles and glasses lenses
  • Plan your trip in advance with the most current piste map for your chosen resort
  • Highly durable, clear and easy to read and handle with gloves on
  • Makes a great souvenir plus works a treat on any screen at home; TV, PC and even the windscreen

Custom Wipeouts

The Wipeout is the perfect promotional giveaway for ski events, lift companies, tourist offices, chalets, hotels and tour operators. The generous size of the Wipeout allows for a readable piste map, plus your own branding, to produce a truly personal gift from your company. Minimum order just 50 pieces. Find out more

It’s the quirky little products that sometimes capture attention. Some clever snowheads identified the frustration with those paper piste maps that rip easily, become soggy or are impossible to open with gloves or in a strong wind. Wipeout has printed the maps on the material you wipe your glasses or goggles lens with. So you now have a waterproof, easily stored foldable map that doubles as a lens cleaner.

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